Flozo Games Token (FGT)

The gaming industry is witnessing a significant shift towards blockchain integration, offering players more transparency, security, and ownership of in-game assets. Flozo Games Token (FGT) emerges as a pioneering initiative to merge the benefits of cryptocurrency with interactive gaming experiences. FGT introduces a gaming platform where users can engage in various mini-games and multiplayer competitions while earning rewards in FGT.


Token contract

Beware of scammers! Our token contract is 0xdcfd845c3a210dd2e8ecf1938c62d9e87429d9c6.  
BscScan: https://bscscan.com/token/0xdcfd845c3a210dd2e8ecf1938c62d9e87429d9c6

Tokenomics (2% tax)

1% Tax Address:
Each transaction involving FGT incurs a 1% tax, which is automatically directed to the tax address.
This mechanism ensures a continuous stream of revenue for platform development and maintenance.

1% Distribution to Holders:
Additionally, 1% of every transaction is distributed proportionally to FGT holders. This incentivizes token holding and provides passive income to investors.

Flozo Games Platform

Users can access a variety of mini-games hosted on the platform. These games are designed to be engaging, interactive, and rewarding. Players compete against each other to win a portion of the 1% tax wallet.

Entry Requirements:

To participate in the mini-games, users are required to hold a minimum of 50,000 FGT tokens and have an active account on the platform. This ensures a level of commitment from players and encourages token retention.

Jackpot (Every Sunday at 7pm UTC): 
The jackpot on our website will be funded by a part of the 1% tax.
When the jackpot is quickly rising we'll introduce another game with its own jackpot by splitting* the tax (jackpot) wallet.
 (*this will be the next week so if the week starts with 1 game it will end with 1)
Tax Wallet:
- 50% will be used for  Marketing/Exchange fund/...  (this will be transferred every 24th of the month to Dev wallet)
- 50% will be used as the jackpot (50% tax/Amount of jackpot games) (1st: 50%, 2nd: 30%, 3th: 20%)

Multiplayer Games (coming soon):
In the future, Flozo Games plans to introduce multiplayer Games where users can compete against each other in real-time. These competitions may involve various game genres and offer the opportunity to win or lose FGT based on performance.
This will ensure more volume and lead to a larger tax wallet.


It's just me Bjorn Stonewoodt i'm a 25 years old programmer from Belgium.
I'm the founder / developer of Flozo Games (token) and i work with freelancers to do some of the work.
If you want to contact me you can e-mail or send a message to Telegram.